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Islamic Video Productions was founded by Zahir Ahmed in 1986 when he released his first Islamic documentary video "Timeless Time", narrated by Moonie Fishburn. With his latest documentary release "Islam: Africa to America" [2003], Zahir Ahmed has provided Eleven Documentary videos narrated by professionally experienced narrators. During the past 15 years, these videos have been in circulation, not only in USA, but also in many foreign countries including England, Germany, Africa, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Generally, during the month of Ramadan, our videos are broadcast over the national TV in the country of Ceylon for an audience of 300,000!!

Our video "Timeless Time" was distributed in Europe by Islamic Foundation of Leicester, England. At present, all our videos are being regularly circulated in South India from the city of Bangalore by Syed Mehboob.

One student at Pamona University, California says that "Timeless Time" is so inspiring that he had seen it over THIRTY times. In Cairo, our video "The Qur'an and Space Sciences" has been broadcast on national TV. Our video "Muslim Spain" is regularly shown in Mexico City to the local population.

Likewise, we can bring numerous stories of enthusiasm shown towards our work. However, our intent is NOT to brag. We simply wish to impress upon you the power of communication through today's technology!!! Our Home Video Dawah program enables you to keep our documentary videos in your home for at least 15 years as a reference on the subject. All the information in our videos has been carefully researched and reviewed by experts with authentications. We do not like to give you vague information. First we go to the HOLY QUR'AN and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him] and establish the BASELINE. Then only will we move on to other matters. All our narrators are professionals who narrate in the American English style with no accent. I always select narrators who are well trained in the American media; I want to make sure that we do a just service to our young generation who receive top education in the American schools, where they learn the American style of the English language. We must also offer the same service to our fellow Americans. If we do not communicate with them in the language that they understand, then we have failed in our mission! This is the main reason why I bring the American professionals to narrate this information.

Zahir Ahmed